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  1. Pepper Potts

    Pepper Potts Easy Evening Run🏃‍♀️🌛


    0 0 149 2 hrs
  2. mcglovin

    mcglovin Got out on a Tuesday, though later than I would have liked, so had to wear the run light/torch for the first time since Winter. Good temp for another speed session which went pretty well. Managed to not go out too quick in the first lap this time, so was able to sustain good pace for the first 3K, started flagging hard on the 4th lap where the rest of the run was a battle of mind over matter to try and keep up the pace. I wasn't wearing my watch tight enough on my wrist, which I've now done enough times that Garmin hilariously over-estimates my vO2max and potential race paces haha, I might go back to a chest strap as wrist based HR monitoring is way too sketchy!

    0 0 5 hrs
  3. js117

    js117 Good solid running. Really enjoyed that.

    0 0 836 6 hrs
  4. Angie Hanson

    Angie Hanson Week 15 Run 46 (Yorkshire Marathon Training)


    0 0 437.2 6 hrs
  5. Jessy

    Jessy So arrange to meet corrina at 8pm......and she's late got caught up at work (don't worry corrina I forgive you 😘) so went for a quick 5k went out thinking we could get corrina a new PB but then I thought I might just test and push her so as we were running I completely changed our route and added more hills 😂 (corrina it's the only way to get faster I promise 😀) she did super well and my legs felt great after yesterday's fast run yesterday. So all in all a good run x

    0 0 6 hrs
  6. Corrina

    Corrina Out of work later than planned so Jess and I decided to do a quick run. I won't make it to hilly she said... Lol... But even with all the hills I finished and no walking. As Jess said to me 3 months ago I would of walked the hill at the end... This time all miles where around 10 mins mark or under... Next I will do a few more fast runs like this... And then work on 4 miles under 40.


    1 2 425 6 hrs
    1. Corrina

      Corrina Thanks... It was to me lol

      1 6 hrs
    2. Jessy

      Jessy U did amazingly well....and it wasn't that hilly 😘

      1 6 hrs