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  1. Johnny Bhoy

    Johnny Bhoy Men’s Health 10k, excellent

    0 0 792 2 hrs
  2. mdk

    mdk Lunchtime run Bradley stoke

    0 0 529 3 hrs
  3. DA

    david cathersides Quick run out from work to the White Rose centre to collect a bag for my daughter.

    0 0 462 3 hrs
  4. js117

    js117 Incline interval run

    0 0 524 3 hrs
  5. DA

    david cathersides Steady away at lunch in the gym.

    0 0 476 3 hrs
  6. RO

    Roland Just under 9 miles at good pace but legs felt it at the end and very tight but pleased with the run.

    0 0 1014 3 hrs
  7. Mark Bousie

    Mark Bousie Glossop 5k with Daddies Escape and Start2Jog for Teenage Cancer Trust.

    0 0 433 3 hrs
  8. FBM

    FBM Bracknell Forest 5 race. Entered this a couple of weeks ago for a bit of motivation but was kind of dreading it as a) it’s a race and b) haven’t done any speed training really for ages and it does irritate me if I pay for a race and then do really rubbish. But in the end it was pretty good. Official time was 40.41 and 5th in my age category (I don’t know how many out of, probably not loads but I was very, very happy indeed. It was a nice route through the forest, only one nasty hill at the end of mile 3 and the rest was either flat or undulating and a really lovely fast finish. I had a great finishing sprint and passed 2 people on the home straight which always feels good. The start was very, very slow. I was quit near the back and being a forest trail, the first half to 2/3 of a mile was a bit frustrating, totally blocked in and just had to put up with it as I’m not going to argy barge anyone and at one point, had to slow to a walk but good to know that with a clear run, I would probably have been close to 40 minutes. Anyway, Splits were 8.51 - 8.04 - 8.15 - 8.10 - 7.42. Happy days all round. Getting some mojo back and really enjoyed that even though it was pretty warm .

    0 2 4 hrs
    1. lizzy

      lizzy Well that should certainly give you a boost F 🖒 fabulous last mile sprint and a 5 miler off road In read more40:41 is great going. Well done and congrats on 5th in age group 😁

      0 3 hrs
    2. Strongjon

      Strongjon Nice running Fiona, mojo back and you are flying

      0 3 hrs
  9. Andy Jackson

    Andy Jackson Ran in the Hawkshead 10k Road Race finishing 25th on an underlating Course.Pleased with my time but found it hard work tonight.

    0 0 4 hrs
  10. Zinster69

    Zinster69 Weetslade relays finally no more pain little slower then I would have liked but considering a week ago I couldn't hardly walk so will definitely take it onwards and upwards as they say

    0 0 321 4 hrs
  11. Puri

    Puri Early morning run before heading to work.

    0 0 700 4 hrs