The Running Bug new website update

Your favourite social network has undergone a major overhaul. Here's a rolling update of how to use The Running Bug and what to expect in 2017 and beyond.

The Running Bug new website update

Update 20 September 2017

We're pleased to announce new updates to The Running Bug website: 

Comment updates

You can now comment when you reach the end of an article and any comments will display automatically on your feed. Your followers can respond to these comments, too! 

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team

Update 4 July 2017

We're pleased to announce new updates to The Running Bug website: 

Post updates

We have replaced the single “Log run” option with two new options, one which allows you to log a run and the other one which allows you to post a message.

Calories burned

After your run you will now get an estimate of the calories you have burned off, with this being displayed against your run. When adding a new run you now have the option to add your weight, this is then used to estimate the calories burned. If instead you are importing your runs, any calorie information provided by the app will be imported in as well.

Weight logging

You can now log your weight and track it over time. Your weight can be logged as part of a run or by itself and you can also view a history of your logs.

Adding old runs

You can now manually add runs which are older than 7 days. When selecting your date you have a new option “Another date” which allows you to select any historic date.

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team

Update 15 May 2017

We're excited to announce that we have added a “versus” section to compare your total distance for the week against another member if you need some friendly motivation! To view the versus go to a member’s run page – just click on “RUNS” on any profile and it will take you to their page

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team


Update 3 May 2017

We're pleased to announce that changes have been made to the way your runs are imported and arranged on feeds and the Bugmiles page, helping you to see your runs more clearly.

If you bulk import a number of your runs, runs within the last 7 days will show near the top and any runs older than 7 days will be sorted according to the date when you ran. 

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team


Update 25 April 2017

You can now block members who are following you if you so wish.

Once blocked, it works two ways. You will not be able to see the blocked member on your feed and the blocked member will not be able to see you on their feed. Although it is a two way block it can only be unblocked by the member who did the original block. Blocking does not apply to public information pages like bugmiles which can be viewed by all members (and non-members).

How to block a member:

  • Open member menu and click on followers
  • View the list of followers and go to the member profile page. There is a new option on there now, a vertical ellipsis displayed below. Note this option will only be displayed on members who are following you.
  • Clicking on the vertical ellipsis brings up a new menu.
  • Now clicking the block button will apply the block. 
  • Clicking on the ellipsis again will now bring up the menu with the unblock option.
  • Members can view a list of members which they have blocked by going to their followers page (see step 1). And clicking on the “members that you’ve blocked” link.
  • Members can be unblocked from this page.
  • When members are unblocked the relationship is completely removed. To follow the member again they have to click on “follow” which will notify the other member that they are being followed again.

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team

Update 4 April 2017

We're pleased to announce that:

  1.  Members can now view a display of their performance over time in the My Runs page on the left hand profile tab. 
  2. Trending content is now displayed on the user home page.
  3. Notifications now have more information about who and where they came from.

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team

Update 09 March 2017

We're pleased to announce that you can now view a weekly run report and compare this with previous weeks on your myruns page. Access this from the top left-hand corner. 

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team

Update 15 February 2017

From trail running to nutrition, you can now tag your forum posts and filter by tags. Where possible we have also migrated old categories in as tags on the new system. 

Thank you again for your continued support and as always, any questions please email us at

Together we run,

The Running Bug team

Update 8 February 2017

We have a few more site improvements to update you on. 

When importing runs you can now upload them in either miles or kilometers and forums are also now sorted by the last reply date. 

Thanks once again for your continued support and as always, any questions please email us at

Together we run,

The Running Bug team

Update 3 February 2017

We're pleased to announce that the private messaging function is now active. You can access previous messages and start new messages via the user menu in the top left hand corner.  

Thank you again for your continued support and as always, any questions please email us at

Together we run,

The Running Bug team

Update 31 January 2017

We wanted to give you an update on progress of deploying the new private messaging release, which was due to be released by the end of January 2017.

As you know, all historical private messages will be included in the new functionality when it is released. Migrating historical messages and ensuring their formats are all correct is really important to our users and it has proved a bigger job than we anticipated. 

As a result, we are anticipating releasing the new private messaging functionality by Friday 3 February. We will of course update you immediately once it is live. 

We do apologise for this small delay as we know how important it is to our users. However we hope you’ll understand and bear with us so that when we do release private messages, it is all in excellent working order! Thank you again for your continued support and as always, any questions please email us at

Together we run,

The Running Bug team

Update 18 January 2017

We’ve released a few more fixes and enhancements since our last update and these include:

Run Filters

You can now filter your run history by year and month, making it much easier to see how you’re progressing month on month, year on year.  Simply click on your Profile Menu (your photo or initials in top left), click on My Runs, and you’ll now see you have the ability to filter your run history.  

Strava Uploads

Some users were experiencing difficulties uploading Strava runs logged on a treadmill.  There we issues with the logging due to the lack of elevation data.  We’ve now resolved this so you can log Treadmill runs with Strava as easily as outdoor runs with one click.

GPX/TCX File Uploads

We have fixed these so they’ll now display runs as miles rather than kilometers.

As always, we’re extremely grateful for your patience and support and we hope you’re continuing to enjoy being able to access The Running Bug on the move, wherever you are.  If you have comments or feedback you’d like to share please email us at

Together we run,

The Running Bug team

Update 13 January 2017

We continue to work all hours available to fix a few issues and re-launch some of your favourite features of Bug on the new website.

We’re pleased to confirm we’ve released fixes for the following since the last update:

  • Personal Bests: Personal Bests are back! It is a great place to store and edit your best times over 5K, 10K, Half Marathon and Marathon.  These are also viewable by other users on your Profile page.  To find Personal Bests, click on your profile menu, then My Profile and you’ll see Personal Bests.  You’ll see any PBs you’ve previously added.
  • Viewing other users runs: You can now view another user’s runs without having to Follow them. Simply click on their display name to bring up their profile page, then just click on ‘Runs’ and you’ll see all their runs. Remember to make sure you give them encouragement and support, even if it is just a quick ‘well done!’
  • Historical Pictures: All your historical pictures should now be viewable in your timeline.
  • Imported Runs: Each imported activity now shows which app they’re imported from.
  • TomTom: some small issues with TomTom syncing have now been fixed.

We continue to work on all the other fixes, including relaunching a much improved Private Messaging.  Please be reassured that, just like Personal Bests, all your historical Private Messages will be accessible.

As always, we’re truly grateful for your patience and support and we hope you’re continuing to enjoy being able to access The Running Bug on the move, wherever you are. If you have comments or feedback you’d like to share please email us at

Together we run,

The Running Bug team

Update 23 December 2016

We have released a number of fixes since our last update, including the following:

  • You can now upload runs from TomTom with one click sync.
  • Issues affecting Strava runs displaying in kilometers has now been fixed – your Strava runs tracked in miles will display on the Bug in miles.
  • The issue affecting likes, comments and shares from your My Runs page has been fixed.  All your runs can be found in My Runs in your profile menu - click on your photo or initials in the top left of your screen.
  • Drop downs and menus on an iPad are now fixed.  
  • Favouriting runs and comments in news feed is now fixed.

Remember, to build your following and receive support, encouragement and advice, find runners like you to follow in ‘Member Search’ in you Profile Menu, or follow other runners from the Forums and Bugmiles sections.

We are continuing to improve and make fixes to the site all of the time, and so keep an eye on this page for future updates.

As always, any questions or feedback do get in touch at

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team

Update 19 December 2016

It’s been a momentous week for The Running Bug with the launch of our new website, so we wanted to provide an update on some of the fixes we’ve made and will be making. 

The Running Bug is a global, multicultural community, with 500,000 people visiting the website from over 150 countries every month. 8 out of 10 visits to the website are from a mobile and therefore rebuilding the website to ensure users can perform the most basic tasks on their mobile – reading an article, logging a run, offering support and encouragement – has been the number one priority for The Running Bug team. Keeping the old website simply wasn’t a feasible option.

In rebuilding the website certain things had to change simply because how you design a website for mobile usage is very different to how you design one for a desktop. We also took the opportunity to give prominence to features people wanted to use more, such as sharing photos and videos on their news feed. We also removed other features of the old website that weren’t being used, such as Blogs.

Here we explain where you can find some of the features on the new website and how to get the most out of The Running Bug. We also list what additional features we will be adding in the coming days, weeks and months (The Running Bug is a small team so unfortunately we can't do everything at once): 

Your news feed

On your news feed you can see the runs, comments and posts of the people you follow. You can now also share any post from your news feed to your followers on The Running Bug, or to your other social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Simply click on the forward arrow alongside the content box.

You can delete runs and posts – simply click on the three dots next to a post in your news feed. We will soon be adding an edit feature so you can edit any post; we will let you know as soon as we release this update.

Adding a photo or video

You can now add a photo to any post or run. Simply click on the camera icon to the right of the text box in Post Update. 

New features include the ability to add multiple photos and if you paste a link to a YouTube video, the video will appear in your newsfeed. This means you can share more of your favourite content you discover elsewhere on the web.  

Unfortunately our system was unable to migrate past photos from your news feed to the new site. However we are working on this and hope to be able to solve it in January 2017; we will let you know as soon as we have a solution and all your old photos are restored. In the meantime we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for bearing with us.

Uploading runs

Uploading your runs is now much easier. With one click you can sync with Strava, RunKeeper, MapMyRun, and Fitbit. Users can also upload TCX files as before. 

We are currently in full testing mode for Garmin and hope to be releasing and enabling uploads from Garmin very shortly. 

There is currently an issue with uploads from TomTom which we are investigating. 

Your run history

Your Run History is in your Profile Menu. Click on your photo (or initials if you haven’t yet uploaded a photo) in the top left of your screen, and click My Runs.

We will be adding filtering to your Run History in January 2017 so you can easily jump to runs in any month or year.

Run History is ordered according to the date you logged the run, as opposed to the date of the run itself. This is because some users don’t log their runs until a few days later, yet others may still want to see and comment on their activity. By ordering runs according to when they’re logged, other users will have more chance of seeing your runs at the top of their newsfeed, which follows date chronology.

Viewing other users' runs

You need to Follow another user in order to view all their runs. To see their runs, simply click on their Profile and then click their picture or username, and their runs will appear on their profile page. 

You can view all runs being logged on Bug in the ‘Train’ section on the Main Menu, and by clicking on Bugmiles.

Private messaging

We have heard the views of the Bug community and we will be adding Private Messaging back to The Running Bug in January 2017. All your past Private Messages will be viewable and restored when we relaunch.  

If you would like access to your Private Messages before we relaunch this feature in January, please just email us at and we will be happy to provide these. 


The Running Bug’s central ethos is to help runners track each other’s progress and provide support, encouragement and motivation to help them improve and enjoy their running more.

While it clearly does not apply to all users, some of whom have made great friends on The Running Bug and in some cases have even got married, in most cases users are providing support to others without being friends with them, in the traditional meaning of ‘friend’. However users are following other runners, and taking an active interest in their runs and progress. This is why we changed Friends to Followers. 

We will be introducing a ‘Block’ feature in February 2017 to enable any user to block any follower they choose, similar to Twitter.

Personal Bests

We know Personal Bests are important to our users, so we will be building in the ability for you to store and record your PBs when we add Run History filters and Private Messaging in January 2017.


Forums are hugely valuable to The Running Bug and its community – they have been at the heart of the community providing support to others, and we want that to continue. The old method of categorising Forums and finding topics is less user friendly on a mobile, as it requires the user to work out which category the forum topic they’re looking for is in.

Instead we have adopted the common approach now used by most major websites, which is to use an enhanced search functionality, where you type the key word(s) you’re looking for and all the related posts appear. It is not 100% fool proof and we’re continuing to work on it, so bear with us while we continue to refine the search.

ALL historical Forum posts have been migrated to the new site. Unfortunately the photos from old Forums have not been migrated – but rest assured we are working on a solution that we hope to be able to deploy in early 2017.

In the meantime, we hope our users continue to use the Forums to ask for help, share their expertise, provide support and encouragement. 


We launched Groups to enable Bugs to post content, runs and messages to smaller distinct groups of their friends, rather than their whole news feed. We also launched parkun and bespoke Groups, such as Marathon Zone. 

As it turned out, very few people created Groups. In fact, there were only three active Groups created by our users as of November this year. Instead users have been communicating to their friends and followers via their news feed, or as it turns out, Private Messaging, which is another reason why we will be relaunching Private Messaging in January 2017.   

As a result we decided not to relaunch the old Groups functionality on the new website – however we should have communicated this to the Groups’ users before we made the switch, and we apologise for having not done so.  

We will revisit Groups in 2017 with a view to launching an enhanced version alongside an app that we also plan on building and launching in 2017.

Groups such as Marathon Zone, which is very popular, is on the new website under Train and the Bug team will create new Groups in the future as and when events deem them beneficial. 

Badges, Levelling Up, Leagues and Gamification

‘Gamification’ (apologies for the industry term) is really important to us and we know it’s important to many of our users. 

While the old approach was liked by some of our users, the vast majority of our users weren’t receiving benefit from it – the levels were too high for many and seen as unattainable, while the communications around Badges and levelling up often had a demotivating effect rather than a positive one, particularly for infrequent runners.  From a technical perspective, the manner in which leagues, badges and levelling up was built didn’t allow us to adapt it. 

We are fully aware of how beneficial gamification can be to support runners, as well as provide motivation and competition. To do a proper job and ensure they’re accessible to all runners of all abilities and experience, we took the decision to focus on building a much improved, new version of badges, leagues and levelling up, that is built for and usable on a mobile, after the immediate priority releases in January 2017. We hope to have this ready towards the end of Q1 2017. We will let you know as soon as we have an update.

Content search

If you ever used the old content search feature, you will know what we mean when we say it was awful. It was impossible to find an article you wanted to revisit, or you had heard about. Now it is simple and easy to use. Simply type in the key words and all articles relating to the key words will be shown in the search results.   


The introduction of the news feed homepage in 2015 meant more people started writing their views and thoughts directly on to their news feed, rather than in a separate blog section. As a result, we have only received one blog submission in the past five months. Because insufficient Blog content was being submitted, and very few users were visiting it, we decided to remove the Blog section on the new website. 

We hope users continue to upload their blog content to their newsfeed to share with their followers, or of course they can add it to the Forums.

If you have previously uploaded and submitted a blog and would like us to send you a copy, do let us know at

User panel

The views of our users are more important than anyone’s, so we will be creating a new User Panel, comprised of some of our most active users as well as completely new and less frequent users, who will provide ideas and feedback, as well as serve as a community to test features and functionality we launch in the future. If you would like to be considered to be part of the panel, please email us at

Summary of fixes we’re working on

Here is a list of fixes we’ve made since launch, and fixes or new features we’re still working on and dates they will be released.

  • Logging runs in Miles: Fixed
  • Main Navigation on iPad: Fixed
  • TomTom uploads: Fixed
  • Garmin uploads: Fixed
  • Private Messaging: Fixed
  • Run History Filter: Fixed
  • Personal Bests record: Fixed
  • Historical Pictures in Newsfeed: Fixed
  • Blocking Followers: Q1 2017
  • Gamification, Badges, Levelling Up: Q1 2017
  • Trending & Content Tagging: Q1 2017
  • Groups & Mobile app: 2017

Most importantly of all, we want to thank you for your patience and support during this time. We also want to apologise if we have disrupted your experience of The Running Bug. We can assure you that we are committed to resolving all of the remaining bugs and fixes resulting from the launch of the new website. 

Of course if you have any further feedback or questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

Together we run,

The Running Bug Team

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