Website update 31 January 2017

We wanted to give you an update on progress of deploying the new private messaging release, which was due to be released by the end of January 2017.

As you know, all historical private messages will be included in the new functionality when it is released. Migrating historical messages and ensuring their formats are all correct is really important to our users and it has proved a bigger job than we anticipated.

As a result, we are anticipating releasing the new Private Messaging functionality by Friday 3 February. We will of course update you immediately once it is live.

We do apologise for this small delay as we know it is important to our users. However we hope you’ll understand and bear with us so that when we do release Private Messages, it is all in excellent working order! Thank you again for your continued support and as always, any questions please email us at support@therunningbug.com

The Running Bug The Running Bug

4 20 31 Jan 17

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  1. si robbo

    si robbo where can I see past events that other bugs have also taken part in ?

    0 3 Feb 17
  2. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew It's Friday folks, just think, by the end of the day we will be able to message again.

    2 3 Feb 17
  3. boywithfarawayeyes

    boywithfarawayeyes Don't know about the private messaging but how about you don't e-mail me when I comment on my own post lol

    5 1 Feb 17
  4. Catherinemary

    Catherinemary Thanks for the update 👍👍

    0 1 Feb 17
  5. Wozza1964

    Wozza1964 Great session by the looks fella your flying

    0 1 Feb 17
  6. Ruth Cleeves

    Ruth Cleeves Still don't understand why when it wasn't broken you felt the need to fix it........

    1 1 Feb 17
  7. Samoswoja


    6 1 Feb 17
  8. Leo Hallihan

    Leo Hallihan Still cant log mileage...

    0 1 Feb 17
  9. Rammo177

    Rammo177 thanks for the update

    Its such a shame how the new site has turned out.The old one was so succesful and easy to use.

    4 31 Jan 17
  10. si robbo

    si robbo Help! I cannot log distances in " log your run" only times

    0 31 Jan 17
  11. Leo Hallihan

    Leo Hallihan Why cant you just sort out the basics first. I cant enter my mileage to my run this evening. This read moresite is so rubbish since you meddled with it and turned it into an advertising board.

    5 31 Jan 17
  12. Guernsey Girl

    Guernsey Girl Great news - thank you 👍👍👍

    0 31 Jan 17
  13. Nazzurro19

    Nazzurro19 Now just sort the other things out us users would like , forum sections etc back ! Afterall without us you have a boring site

    4 31 Jan 17
  14. Wozza1964

    Wozza1964 Good news

    0 31 Jan 17
  15. SharonMc

    SharonMc Great news and thanks for keeping us informed.

    0 31 Jan 17
  16. rob k

    rob k thanks!

    0 31 Jan 17
  17. IPS Meldrew

    IPS Meldrew Great news

    0 31 Jan 17
  18. Jilly

    Jilly thank you :)

    0 31 Jan 17
  19. Vicky pixi

    Vicky pixi Thank you bug towers :)

    1 31 Jan 17
  20. Sharnie1

    Sharnie1 Thanks for the update 👍👍👍

    1 31 Jan 17